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Testcase design assignment
The stated below testcase design assignment constitutes an inseparable and integral part of Testory Terms of Use available at: https://testory.qa/terms-of-use-of-testory.
By submitting testcase for validation the User confirms that he has read and accepted the above-mentioned Terms of Use.

Testcase design assignment:
  1. Product description
  2. Testing instructions: List and description of the product features to be tested
  3. Process environment (iOS and / or Android framework)
  4. Ways of accessing the Product: test bed, description, development build installation
  5. Criteria to be met:
  • Consistency.
  • Self-sufficiency: the case shall not incorporate any references to other case scenarios. Some information can be given in the Description for better understanding.
  • Testcase shall leave no doubts or additional questions concerning its realization steps and checking expected output.
  • Each testcase allows for one validation test. Steps to complete a testcase shall describe the way to validation process or the validation test itself. It is advisable that steps to the validation process are given in the Preconditions.
  • The testcase shall not have irrelevant information
Case components:
1. Title
1.1. The Title shall capture the core of the validation test.
1.2. The Title shall describe the functionality type ща the testcase.
1.3. The Title shall indicate the operating system in case the testcase is run on a particular operating system.

2. Preconditions
2.1. Description (steps and data) to end up in the test scenario.

3. Description
3.1. Filling in necessary information on preparation of running a testcase.
3.2. The aim of the validation test can be provided optionally.

4. Steps
4.1. Steps of the testcase to be performed. Description of each step. The testcase may consist of one or more simple steps.
4.2. Steps describe actions to be checked.
4.3. Steps can indicate the way to achieve the scenario and can replace the Preconditions.
4.4. Each step shall describe precise condition for an action to be taken.

5. Expectation
5.1. Expected result of the validation test.

6. Attachment
6.1. Should a testcase require a more detailed description or visualization, attachment shall be enclosed e.g., a screenshot.
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