Regression testing
Make sure that newly released features and bug fixes have not affected the functionality of the digital product as a whole
Have you faced any of these problems?
If you constantly update and improve your digital product, regression testing is a must. It will ensure the quality of every product version.

When regression testing be performed? Here are some situations:
  • 40-70% of the budget is spent on software testing
  • Experienced QA specialists are reluctant to perform the tests
  • You have to find the balance between running additional checks and speeding up the process
  • You have to extend deadlines
    or postpone releases
We can solve it
Regression testing requires a lot of effort from in-house QA testers. Since such testing is important and must be performed all the time, employees have to constantly do monotonous manual work. It ends up taking longer and demotivating employees.

We will perform a test which takes an entire sprint over a weekend:
  • Start in a couple of clicks or hours
  • You don't need your own fleet of devices
  • Testing control — you can stop it or start it yourself at any time
  • Pay only for the result — save the team's budget
  • Save project resources — while we run the tests, your team is working on improving the software
  • We easily scale — you can stop work at any time or increase its scope tenfold
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