Exploratory testing
It helps to detect errors that real users may come across when using you digital product. Learning, test design, and test execution are conducted simultaneously
Have you faced any of these problems?
Errors and faults in your digital product directly impact the customer conversion and retention rate. If you don't take care of it at the testing stage, you will lose users' loyalty.

How can you understand that you need exploratory testing? Here are some situations:
  • There aren't enough testers for quality testing
  • It is difficult to hire experienced and qualified testers
  • You are worried that you might have missed something important or failed to find some latent bugs
  • You aren't sure if everything works properly when you release your digital product
We can solve it
Quality exploratory testing requires from 20 to 200 people. The team doesn't always have the required resources or budgets. For a quality test, this is crucial: the more opinions you hear, the more likely it is that the final digital product will meet the user's needs.

If your testers are overloaded with work, trust us for your testing. It minimizes the risks of errors in the final product version.
  • Start in a couple of clicks or hours
  • You don't need your own fleet of devices
  • Testing control — you can stop it or start it yourself at any time
  • Pay only for the result — save the team's budget
  • Save project resources — while we run the tests, your team is working on improving the software
  • We easily scale — you can stop work at any time or increase its scope tenfold

The most effective method is running exploratory and regression testing at the same time — the first detects bugs while the second checks the software stability.

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