Beta testing
Checks functionality and helps improve the user experience.
It reveals whether or not the same level of software performance is achievable in an actual user environment
Have you faced any of these problems?
Errors and faults of your digital product directly impact customer retention. Even at the testing stage, you need to have a clear idea of what your product is really like to mitigate reputational risks afterwards.

How can you understand that you need beta testing? Here are some situations:
  • You need to understand when software is ready for release
  • You want to check your digital product's stability
  • You aren't sure that your digital product will run perfectly on different devices
  • You don't want to look for new specialists to perform beta testing
  • You want to make sure that your product is as fast and efficient for end users
  • You don't know if your digital product is user friendly
  • You need to test new software features
We can solve it
Beta testing is crucial for getting a viable and competitive product in the market. The team usually doesn't have enough resources and its members might be blind to details — they can't test the software as impartial users.

Don't risk your reputation and take care of the product quality now — trust us for your beta testing. This way, your users will get what they want.
  • Start in a couple of clicks or hours
  • You don't need your own fleet of devices
  • Testing control — you can stop it or start it yourself at any time
  • Pay only for the result — save the team's budget
  • Save project resources — while we run the tests, your team is working on improving the software
  • We easily scale — you can stop work at any time or increase its scope tenfold
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